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About us

This project was created by students of the school "Ingénieurs 2000".

Ingénieurs 2000


It is supported by the AlgoTR group of the Gaspard-Monge institute of electronics and computer science in partnership with ESIEE engineering.





Université Paris-est


ESIEE engineering



If you would like to contact us or contribute to this project by becoming a developer, please contact one of the project admins or use the following form :

  • Serge Midonnet : senior lecturer.
  • Damien Masson : assistant professor in the embedded systems department of ESIEE engineering.
  • Benoit Bousquet : developer
  • Aravindan Mahendran : developer
  • Arnaud Delalande : developer
  • Clément Beslon : developer
  • Loïc Bodilis : developer
  • Xavier Dalla-Vecchia : developer