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Changelog about LeJosRT

Version Changelog

- EnergyRealtimeThread management included in the VM (list of queue)
- scheduling energy algorithm included with MASS only (EnergyRealtimeThread). To activate it, go to configure.h and set "SlackStealer" to 1 and "SlackEnergy" to 2.


Bugs corrected :
- Cost Overrun don't stop the system anymore. Realtime threads concerned leave the queue of waiting start.
(void dequeue_rt_thread(RealtimeThread *rtthread) modified)


- included Dynamic Approximate Slack Stealer (DASS) and Minimal Approximate Slack Stealer (MASS). To learn how to use these algorithms, go to No algorithm is activated by default.


- included new classes : EnergyRealtimeThread, EnergyParameters
- Simple simulation of a battery
- No algorithms of management of energy


- basic version of LeJosRT
- included most of RTSJ (Real-Time Specifications for Java)
- beta version